The Value of Financial Advice
The Type of Financial Advice
Financial Life Goals

Seeking advice from a financial planning professional can ensure you’re following a strategy to achieve your goals – but first you need a clear picture of what your goals are. A qualified financial adviser will work with you and take into account your whole situation and unique circumstances. They will tailor a plan to help you achieve your short and long-term goals as well as protect you, your assets and loved ones.

A financial adviser will help you:

  • Invest tax-effectively
  • Choose the most appropriate investment strategy
  • Make the most of your super
  • Protect your assets
  • Plan for retirement

General Advice
If you just want the facts or guidance on super, investments, insurance or estate planning, then general advice may be for you.
General advice does not take into account your particular circumstances, such as your objectives, financial situation and needs.

Single Issue Advice
If you have a specific financial issue, need or goal you would like help with, then this type of advice may be for you.
Single issue advice does take into account your personal situation but is focused on one particular issue or area such as super, investment, and insurance.

Comprehensive Advice
If you would like help to develop a tailored financial plan that takes into account your individual personal situation, needs and financial goals, then comprehensive advice from a qualified financial adviser is for you.
A financial adviser will assess your whole situation, develop a detailed strategy and provide ongoing advice as your circumstances change and when new opportunities arise.

We can help you build your financial foundations so you can reach your goals.

Your financial goals are unique so you’ll need a tailored plan to achieve them. When you first meet a financial adviser one of the discussions will be about defining your goals.

A common mistake people make is believing that financial planning is only about maximising the amount of money they have when they retire – but that’s not correct because while money can certainly help fulfil your goals, simply having more money is not the goal in itself.

Regardless of your goals it’s important to get the basics right so you can lay solid foundations that enable you to move towards your goals.